A Research Project on Religious and Scientific Entanglements

The research project The Legacy of the 1960s and 1970s. Religious and Scientific Entanglements investigates the entangled history of religious and social-scientific discourses and institutions from the late 1960s through today. To do so, it focuses on two fundamental developments within and across the Swiss scientific and religious fields. The first subproject, entitled The dynamics of religion and the social sciences, is centered on the institutionalization of the sociology of religion in Switzerland, drawing attention to the intellectual transfer processes between religious and scholarly actors. The second subproject, entitled Emerging religiosity, emerging assessments, analyzes the creation, institutionalization, and development of “research and advice centers” on new religious movements (NRMs) in Switzerland and discusses the related interactions and exchange of knowledge between government institutions, the Catholic and Reformed Churches, and scholars of different disciplines.

The project is based at the Institute for the Science of religion at the University of Bern and is supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation (2018–2021).

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